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    11 Jul 2019

      Love hotels were first established as places where young couples could get away from their

    families and enjoy some time together. Space in urban areas is at a premium, privacy can be difficult to come by, and love hotels provided a valuable getaway without having to leave the city. While at that time they were considered a niche service, their reputation has now changed and diversified, and they’ve become a helpful option for anyone needing an affordable, well-located place to stay.

     The love hotel industry is expanding, and with their top-notch services and competitive room rates, they make an excellent choice for everyone. The rates at love hotels vary significantly depending on the room size, room amenities, and length of stay. Rates on weekends are generally higher than on weekdays. Also, the rates are usually per room and not per person. Most love hotels have no gender restrictions, but some may prohibit same-sex couples from checking in.

     Most love hotels are striving to employ automated systems such as digital touch panels to select rooms and automatic payment terminals that minimize or eliminate interaction between customers and staff to help protect the privacy of the guests.



  Love hotels were first ...
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